Wireless EEG/ERP drawing eyes
Publisher:neuracleRelease time:2016-05-07Information sources:neuracle

        With the spring rains, the annual science meeting of the Committee of General Psychology and Experimental Psychology of Chinese Psychological Society opened on 7th May 2016, in Chongqing – the “mountain city”. The professors in the psychology research from the country got together to exchange ideas and discuss about the theme of this meeting – To recognize brain: Contribution and Mission of the basic psychology research.

       Inside of the meeting hall, the professional and fascinating lectures attracted all the audience. At the same time, Neuracle - the unique Chinese R&D team demonstrated their own new product: Neusen.W series wireless EEG/ERP system.

       Neusen.W series wireless EEG/ERP system is the flagship product of Neuracle. Wireless, wearable design, accurate synchronization of time(<1ms ), synchronization of multi stimulus, super low noise…Neusen.W series satisfies the requirements of more research, such as the Hyperscanning, the children psychology research, etc. The wireless EEG/ERP system is highly spoken by a lot of experts.

       With the neural engineering R&D team from Tsinghua University, Neuracle carried out a series of fruitful researches focus on the neuroelectrophysiology, and has gained the recognition in the industry. The presentation in the Faculty of Psychology, Southwest University – one of the first psychology research bases in China, is not only very important for the promotion of Neuracle in the industry of psychology, but also important to make Neuracle a first-rate international brand.

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