China BCI 2015
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        The second China’s Brain Computer Interface competition (China BCI 2015), sponsored by the “Audio-visual information cognitive computing major research project” of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) , was held from 20 to 21, November, 2015 in Beijing. This event was hosted by the NSFC, organized by Tsinghua University. Neuracle Technology Co., Ltd is the sole equipment supplier for this event.


       This competition includes three parts: initiative video demonstration, character input and robot control. Robot control part plays an important role. One person controls a robot by the BCI system: after receiving the instructions from the person by the BCIs, the robot moves accordingly, avoiding all the obstacles. With BCIs, “thought-reading” comes true. With the assistance of Neuracle Technology, Shanghai University delegation won the third prize.

       BCI technology is expanding rapidly, it realizes the direct communication between the brain and the external device. As the bridge connecting the brain activity and the external devices, BCIs records the real-time brain biosignals, then “translates” them into computer encoding orders, to control the external devices, such as computers, electrical equipment and robots. BCIs involves both the neuroscience and the engineering, it became recently one of the hot spots focused by the neuroscientists in the world. BCIs will be widely applied in the medical industry, the rehabilitation, the entertainment even the defense domain.


Neusen.Wseries – wireless EEG/ERP system of Neuracle Technology has proved itsstability and accuracy. All the professors and students spoke highly of it.

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