First show of wireless EEG/ERP
Publisher:neuracleRelease time:2015-10-17Information sources:neuracle

        The 18th annual conference of Chinese Psychological society was open on 17th Oct. 2016, in Tianjin Normal University. Thousands of professors and students from diverse universities came together to exchange ideas and discuss. At the meantime, dozens of companies in the industry exhibited their products during the event.

       As the first Chinese R&D team, which focuses on wireless EEG/ERP system, Neuracle Technology won the praise from a lot of professors and students. Neuracle Technology possesses its own R&D team, manufacture center and complete service system. The products satisfy lots of requirements from diverse users; especially the multi-subjects EEG/ERP system is highly spoken by the users.

       Neuracle is a neural technology company that provides professional solutions for both neuroscience and clinical neurology community worldwide. Today, our products can be found in the most advanced hospitals, universities, and research institutions. Our equipment has been repeatedly tested and used in operating rooms and research labs by leading doctors and scientists across the globe.

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