Neuracle about

Neuracle is a neural technology company that provides professional solutions for both neuroscience and clinical neurology community worldwide. Our mission is to advancing the field of neuroscience, psychology, human factor engineering, marketing and management research, using cutting-edge neural technology and service, also empower the clinical solutions for neurology patient care, functional neurosurgery and neural rehabilitation through innovative screening, diagnostic and treatment solutions. Today, our products can be found in the most advanced hospitals, universities, and research institutions. Our equipment has been repeatedly tested and used in operating rooms and research labs by leading doctors and scientists  across the globe.

Neuracle development
  • Time axis
  • 2015
    Start scientific research devices sales
  • October 2014
    Complete first prototype – Wireless EEG/ERP, and get positive feedback
  • October 2013
    Get the License for medical device manufacturers from SFDA
  • January 2013
    Undertake a national high-tech industrialization demonstration
  • September 2012
    Finish Product base construction in Changzhou, China
Neuracle honor
  • License for medical device manufacturers

  • Real time brain electrical impedance detection method based on high frequency excitation

  • Accurate infinite event synchronization method for a brain electric device

  • Method for processing brain electric noise under nuclear magnetic resonance